MVision’s automatic segmentation and contouring software uses breakthrough deep learning technology to power its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The software follows ESTRO and RTOG consensus guidelines. MVision AI integrates seamlessly with hospital systems to provide consistent and reliable contours of critical structures.

Fully automated 3D organ models that are delivered in a minute, as opposed to hours of manual work. You can focus on more complex delineation tasks and stop wasting limited resources.

Inter-observer variation is a known challenge in manual contouring. MVision AI replace variation with high consistency. 


Head and Neck number of ROI: 72, incl. 27 lymph nodes

Brain number of ROI: 21

Male pelvis number of ROI: 34, incl. 2 lymph nodes

Female pelvis number of ROI: 9

Abdomen and Thorax: number of ROI: 12

Breast: number of ROI: 30, incl. 16 lymph nodes

Publication of peer-reviewed paper  of MVision software.
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